Friday, April 2, 2010

Just the beginning...

Ok, so after 3 hours of tears, grumbling and a fair, but mild amount of cursing I finally have this blog relatively close to the way I want it - I know what your thinking.. "Another blog?? Why Lesley Why?" well there's a few reasons

1. I'm happy to be a follower, well sort of, it seems like everyone and their second personality has an art blog these days - I don't want to sound insensitive but even dead artists blogs have been cropping up
2. My other blogs are not real blogs - they are pretty much just online travel journals - a tradition started when I was about 10 and my mum told me I needed to record my holidays - I think she hoped the writing would mean I talked less... it didn't
3. If I'm going to take being an artist (as pretentious as that sounds) seriously - I'd say an official blog is a good way to start

Another thing you may be wondering is - "Why striped designs?" - good question, (skip the next paragraph if you really don't care)

1. The words start and end with opposite letters S and D then D and S - so you could put it in a circle and it would fit together (small things amuse me)
2. Both words have seven letters - thats 2 words with 7 letters - put those number together and you have 27 - my birthday (a freaky coincidence)
3. Any one that spends time with me quickly becomes aware of my freakishly extensive striped knee high sock collection (a good go to present if your ever stuck on what to get me)

Well I hope I can make this blog something worth following

here goes...

A little taster from a book I'm developing - its looking a little Sanders right now, but its early stages ^_^


  1. It is cute, Lesley. And a nice blog banner you have here! :)

  2. oooh very nice, i was actually meaning to ask you about lending your talents on a short film i want to do, but i shall contact you about it soon catch you later

  3. Joyous celebrations!!

    Well done dude, well done. :)

  4. Your banner looked so beautiful and the skunk is very cute. a bit looked like squirrel right now; but, i am sure you'll make it work!

  5. Leon: Thanks! sure thing, just let me know when you know the details ^_^

    Ant: Joyous indeed! ^_^ thanks lovely

    Frans: Thanks so much! Yeah its the neck, but without it its hard to get variety in the designs... ~sigh~ I'll keep working on it - thanks for the confidence boost :)

  6. yo, good drawings lezza, see there I totally commented and stuff

    cheers to you


  7. Hi!

    I'm glad to see that you have a blog! You have a nice blog and banner too. =)