Friday, December 23, 2011


Well, what a month it's been! 

Since I last posted I've been flat out animating, drawing, recording and hassling friends for snow gear for my impending trip to Denver, a place I'm typing from at this very moment :) 

It's been quite a way to end whats been a year of ups, downs and the occasional round and round. I've travelled overseas twice, been picked up by the Andrea Brown literary agency under Kelly Sonnack, worked with a  bunch of new clients, met with old ones, made a host of awesome new friends in the industry, Got picked up by the school magazine (something I've imagined since being in school and reading it myself), had my first licensing gig and a bunch of other stuff I'll stop mentioning as this is starting to sound like a shopping list of brags... 

Things definitely haven't been boring though... well, unless you count October, when I had no tech equipment and got so lost I tried to take up crocheting which got me in a bit of a knot... literally, and saw me embroidering my jumper, something people only sigh with pity towards when being told. 

Hope everyone has a brilliant Holiday and gets time to relax, party and eat with friends and family - Thanks so much for reading my blog guys, your viewing numbers and comments really make my day, you're all awesome ^_^ 

Happy Holidays and see you all next year - every week, I promise! 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hey Doodle Dandy

A poem and some sketches for you guys ~sigh~ I'm becoming one of those people that updates their blog frustratingly sporadically so I'm going to seriously try and get back on track for the new year... For now I'm busy working on a few new projects that among other things have got me back to animating... more sketches to come - I just didn't want to dump all 50 photos on here at once :) 

Here's to all the ugly kids 
Not quite cute but funny kids

The rolly polly one browed boys 
The short stout speccy four-eyed girls. 

Thanks to all the kids with spots
upon who's skin you'd join the dots

Stand proud the frizzy messy haired
Pale skinned large nose and dairy-aired 

You may not be conventional
belong in Milk or Bambino 

But your the kids I love to see 
All bony elbows and scabby knees

The kids that know who they are 
The ones that end up going far

See I should know how this is true 
I was ugly just like you