Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bon Voyage ^_^

Just  a quick one before I leave for France (I'll be gone for two weeks). A little sneak peek of my character for one of the children's books I'm working on. The title is "I hate Bowties" and is about a little boy discovering why its bad to say hate. When I get back I'll catch up on the entries I missed and have plenty of new stories for you guys! 

Hope you all have a fantastic two weeks ^_^

Also he doesn't have a name yet - suggestions are welcome :)


  1. What are you going to France for? Have fun!!
    names... uh Chuck? Something with a B could be cool for alliteration like Benton hates Bowties. etc good luck

  2. Sooo precious! :) I hope you're doing well Lesley, have fun in France!

  3. I would call him Luke Middleton, just looks like a Luke to me

  4. Kendra - I went to celebrate my mums 50th - she organised for everyone to stay in this really beautiful Chateau in the South, then after I went on a 5 day bike tour with my mum and her partner all around the country side - its was so amazing (and very tiring ^_^) - oh and the alliteration idea is genious! ^_^

    Leon - Thanks! and I love Middleton as a last name ^_^

    Sluu - Thanks! I certainly did ^_^

    Jmontiel - Thanks so much :D

  5. Very cute - love the expression!

  6. Nice expression Lel and perhaps Stanley... or Frances ;)