Sunday, September 5, 2010

Down in the Deep


The waters deep 
The sea bed far
bellow the waves
that crash afar

The light filtered
like christmas lights
that twinkle shyly through the night

I feel so free
yet all around 
the waters press
as I've been bound 

I listen hard 
for sounds that might 
allude to signs of other life

Instead the only sound I hear
a distant humming in my ears

Then in the corner of my eye
a flash of colour shoots right by

But now the breath 
that once I took 
is fading fast
no time to look 

I reach above and kick bellow
until I see the surface glow
I break right through 
then dive back down 

There still much more
that must be found

Expect a few more poems over the next few weeks... I recently found my year 9 journal and some of them aren't half bad ^_^

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and the dads of Australia had a great fathers day! 


  1. Your work is consistently great! There is a really nice visual flow in this one, and great personality too.