Friday, February 18, 2011

Sushi, sketching now sleep...

Haven't uploaded straight up sketches in a while - but I don't have time to fix them up right now; 
will definitely get to them later though ^_^ 

reading "Clive Eats Alligators" by Allison Lester when drawing these 
above is scenes from breakfast

Types of dress...

Kids at play...

Did this one whilst waiting for my sushi to arrive at lunch... 

Here's a little poem to appease my inner writer as well (I've been neglecting her a little lately thanks to a sudden influx of work) can't complain though, definitely better than no work ^_^ 


The light turns off
Its cold out there
Shadows lurk
know your not there

you left me here
alone in black
you said to sleep
that you'd be back

I wouldn't know
I'd be asleep
just close my eyes
try counting sheep

But I hear noise
there's something there
it thinks that I am unaware

Well I wont wait
for it to strike
I'll sleep with mum if so all night

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! 


  1. I really like this post! The separate breakfast routines are really fantastic. I love seeing all of these different personalities and story moments. Nice!

  2. Thanks guys! I have to admit I got the idea from the series Alison Lester did - this one is "Clive eats alligators" They are fantastic books - great for inspiration! ^_^

  3. So much life in these! Great stuff!