Monday, March 14, 2011

sticky, savory, sensational...sushi

Be warned - this is a bit of a rant ;) 

What is it about those beautifully wrapped, hand crafted, admittedly delicious morsels of food that make us want to stuff the entire thing in our mouths in one hideous go. What ever happened to things being "too good to eat?". You're not in the dark people, snuggled discreetly in the cinema determined to demolishing the bucket of popcorn you traded your soul for on the way in (no it's not an exaggeration, cinema food really is that expensive). Happily oblivious to the excess that doesn't make your mouth spilling over your lap and the person next to you. The only people to condemn you being the poor cinema staff that have to clean up after you or again the poor person next to you attempting not to be distracted by your spitty, salty left overs flying in their direction. 

No, instead you are in a well lit restaurant facing me directly (or worse next to me) as I watch with horror your attempt to shove even the largest of seaweed rolled rice parcels into your widened, possibly unhinged mouth. I've seen even the most sophisticated looking people resurface after a battle with a salmon avocado roll with god knows what clinging to parts of their face I felt sure food couldn't reach on the way to your mouth. It's revolting, and whats worse turns me of the perfectly good sushi sitting on my colorful plate. 

So next time you settle down to a sushi go round and grab a dish from the conveyor - please try and remember you're not alone, you're not in the dark, and for the love of what ever you deem holy in the world the sushi isn't going any where - it doesn't need to go in all at once!

Signed the person sitting opposite you. 
(the one with rice on their cheek and attempting to lick of the soy sauce off their left wrist)

In other, less angry news... 

The illustration for this week is on it's way - was going to push through tonight and finish it but am feeling a bit crook lately - trying to take my health a bit more seriously  - promise I'll have the illo up by the end of the week... hopefully it's worth the wait 

Take care of yourselves everyone! 


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