Monday, August 22, 2011

Sketch Dump

I haven't really had time to finish anything so I thought I'd put up some sketches in the meantime :) 

Hope you guys like them - the photos are a little dodgy - my sketch book doesn't really fit in the scanner... one day I'll have an A3 one... 

I did these over the last few days, looking at the books - Lydie and The Best Birthday Party Ever! I've been feeling a little rusty from not sketching for a while so this is usually what I do to break through the barrier - just try and do as much as I can as fast as I can so I don't over think asnything - much easier to do when you have reference as you don't feel the pressure to create from scratch... 

Hope everyone has been well - Promise I'll have some more finished stuff up here soon :) 


  1. YOU ARE SOO INCREDIBLY TALENTED! Wow! I love looking at sketches. Your people are soo diverse in character, and so interesting. I loove all of the positions and situations. Honestly, all I can say is wow, and never stop! I hope my drawings will get to that point!

  2. I agree with everything Ramona said.
    You. Are. Awesome. : )

  3. Lesley, everything you draw has such emotion and life to it. I love it! Hope you're doing well :)

  4. Hey Leslie,

    Your work is beautiful so keep it up! Let me know if you’re ever in the LA area and we can hangout and steal each other’s artistic secrets. Take care!


  5. Romona - you are the best, I just spent the last 5 minutes deflating my head after reading your comment - thank you so much ^_^
    You too Hannah!

    Thanks Erin, I have to keep reminding myself not to get caught up on the detail, I find the more you simplify the more energetic things become :)

    Will do Justin ^_^

  6. Wow I love the drawings. They are crazy and fun. The detail is amazing.

  7. Wow! These are amazing pages! I love them. You are a great talent. Phenomenal sketches.