Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?

I know I know, I promised part 2 the very next week and what is it? Three weeks later… I could lie to you and blame the fact I’ve been without a computer, unfortunately I’m a bad liar, (I have already prefaced this with an omission of guilt). So I won’t lie, I have been without a computer though – the last three days have seemed an eternity – I feel like I’ve lost a child – the stress of not knowing where he is (not sure how my mac became gender specific, but there you go), not knowing who's looking after him or if he’s ok… It’s been tough… I’m like a junky too, every time I see a computer my fingers start tingling and a get all twitchy… people have been super nice, offering up their’s while I wait, the desperation in my face must be getting obvious, either that or the beads of sweat running down my forehead are giving me away. I haven’t obliged though – I’m worried I’ll get so carried away they’ll never get it back.

Oh man, as always I digress. To end the rant though you may be wondering how, given my current horrifying circumstances, I am managing to type this up. I finally caved and agreed to use the computers in the library (despite the sticky key boards and slow running times) they are at least bolted to the table so no chance of trying to discreetly stuff them in my backpack. 

Part 2 of nicknames.

As you loyal readers are aware I covered the subject of given nicknames last entry (those that aren’t can go back and read it… go on…. No don’t just keep reading because you think I won’t know you haven’t checked… We’re all waiting… oh fine then). 

This entry I wanted to mention the nicknames we get but aren’t really aware of. I’m not talking so much about the nasty ones, I’d rather not mention those… mostly because I’ve had my fair share and don't particularly want to reminisce swell because I’d prefer to keep this blog somewhat light hearted (first entry about my fish dyeing not included).

The nicknames I’m referring to are more likely known as 'identifiers' and always come as a bit of a shock when you become privy to them... even though it comes out a fair amount of time after it's use has been discontinued to avoid such embarrassments. My first was headband girl... let me explain. Before year 7, in order to give myself a little makeover, mum convinced me to get my hair layered. The people reading this with thick curly hair are already cringing in the knowledge how bad an idea this was… even before I found out the hairdresser couldn't cut a straight line to save her life. The do kept getting shorter and shorter, poofier and poofier until my tears forced her to stop. 

It. Looked. Shocking. 

so as a method of disguise I decided the large width elastic headband in navy blue (to match my uniform) was my best accessory. I wore it for a year, until mum finally forced me to stop claiming it made my head sweat and thus smell kinda funky. Luckily she intervened before stinky head became my new identifier. I found out about 'headband girl' years later on the bus with my best friend Luce. 
"Really, headband girl? surely that wasn't my most distinguishable feature"..
"Well it was more that it was the first thing you could make out on your approach... short.. brown hair... headband….Lesley!"
My latest, and the inspiration for this entry, is... "eggplant girl"... Unfortunately this charming alias is still in use, thanks to the lovely people at my local sushi counter... what can I say, I'm a girl who knows what she likes... and I LEEEERVE me some eggplant.
So anyone else find out about an identifier they had OR have you give one to someone else? I know those of us who spent time in the service industry have a few... yeah I'm thinking of you "More berries man"





  1. I loooove your style of drawing! Everything is soo unique from each drawing! Great job! You should post more of these!

  2. haha Yeah Jez, I felt like I had to prove I've been doing something in the last few weeks :)

    Thanks Ramona - I shall - just for you ^_^

  3. This is crap!

    Damn you woman!



  4. better add in that was a joke for those who don't know me...



  5. haha - I've have had too much time on my hands ^_^

  6. Yup, I've said it before, but I'll say it again - your sketches (let alone your finished artwork) are amazing.
    If you ever decide to come to NZ let me know! : ) You studied classical animation too aye?

  7. Hey Hannah - thanks so much! I will indeed - you and Jez for sure ^_^ I didn't study animation but i did end up doing it for my final year - I took a couple of lessons I found outside uni then just went off on my own and did the best I could - boy was it hard work!

    Thanks so much Zaff - that really means a lot ^_^

  8. these sketches are so beautiful and communicative!!

  9. Thanks Nikhita! That's so lovely of you to say ^_^