Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sydney Supanova 2012

I know I know... it's been waaaay too long - unfortunately I don't have a decent update for you today, just stopped by to let all the Sydneysiders, interstate travelers and visiting out of towers know I will have a table at Sydney Supanova this year! (First time ever) so I'd love for you to come down and say hi!. I'll be selling prints, pins and books as well as doing commissions!

Promise I'll have more for you guys soon! 
In the meantime see some of you this weekend ^_^


  1. Hey Lesley,
    Sorry I haven't been here, just caught up with cleaning my SCBWI emails out and thought I would catch up with you. How did the Sydney show work out? Did you sell many prints? Love to hear more, talk soon.

  2. Not a problem Diane - I don't think many people have been by here in a while.. including me :/
    Supa Nova went great - as did Comic Con ^_^ came back from traveling around the US about a month or so ago, moved house and studio since then and just working :) - how about you?