Saturday, November 2, 2013

Trick or treat?

Yet again I disappoint, I say I'll be updating regularly and disappear for another few months.. ~sigh~ Well I thought I'd come back with a bit of a spooky update. Although like my halloween costume attempts in the past it's neither spooky nor creepy… more just a little bit lame and incredibly un-sexy.

I always liked the idea of dressing up with a group though - The last time I attempted it was with a friend at band camp, we had both forgot costumes for the disco that night so decided to use socks and a bed sheet to become a cow… Cementing my role as the group people pleaser I elected to be the ass and off we went. Well, I don't think I've ever had so much fun in my life - unlike the guy in the illo, I found being the butt of the joke the most liberating experience - like wearing a mask I realized I could kinda do anything, so our costume became "Cow with the craziest behind you've ever seen" I even had my own little dance going on. In fact, that night not only did we win best costume but went on to get second in musical chairs - it's easy to play when you're already half way into a sitting position at all times ^_^ 

Any way - anyone else have a halloween costume they are oddly proud of? 


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