Monday, April 4, 2011

Hands in the air

I've mentioned previously that I tend to be remembered. Whilst I'm sure it has something to do with a slightly uncommon name, terrible co-ordination and a tendency to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (ala dvd in the eye), I'm aware that these reasons are small when compared to my perpetual persistence in the pursuit of knowledge… that is, the fact I ask ALOT of questions 

Yep, that girl sitting in the front row with her hand waving maniacally in the air of your classroom, university lecture hall, school assembly, work meeting or in fact any place of gathering, that's me. I bumped into a friend the other day who started explaining with excitement the book he is working on currently about the journey through University. Without pause he launched into a rundown of people you tend to meet that seem to tie into most students experiences, 

"you know, that annoying person who's ALWAYS asking questions.. constantly has there hand up (laughs to himself)"
"yeah…..(I look around that was me"

Right about this time you might assume I'm ashamed by this fact, embarrassed by my unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Nope, far from it in fact. I love asking questions - ok, your thinking, we get that, probably why you keep asking them, but it's more than that. I'm exercising my right to ask them. Since when is wanting to learn a bad thing… Teachers in high school hated me for it, mostly because they never had the answers. I think that's sad, there seems to be this stigma in society where not knowing things is a weakness, a sign of stupidity. So as far as I can tell - no knowledge equals stupidity - in order find seed knowledge you need to ask questions - asking questions means you don't know this knowledge - and no knowledge… you see my point, it becomes a vicious cycle. 

I teach part time and the first thing I tell my students is "don't ever be embarrassed about not knowing something, it has nothing to do with your intelligence, just the fact no one's told you yet. The only way you learn is to ask questions, and if no one knows the answer, we'll find it out together. 

So go forth, ask those questions, - Seek. Learn. Grow… after all, my arms getting really tired from asking them all myself :) 

(thanks to David Robert for the inspiration on this illustration -
check out his web site at
(illustration idea came from the novel "Dirty Bertie")


  1. hahah! I love this! I am totally the person who never asks questions, unless I am totally comfortable in the situation. You are right though, and most of the time someone else is thinking the same thing! This post has inspired me! Love the drawing as well, especially the middle guy!

  2. OH man Ramona - you have no idea how much your comment really made my day - that's exactly why I write these blogs - I'm so glad you feel inspired!! ^_^

  3. Hey Lesley, your art is so cool! I love your characters, your line, and your colour.

    And as I always say to my son, asking lots of questions is always good!!

    I suffered from the problem of being too shy to ask questions in school. But you just get left behind if you don't ask!

  4. Wow thanks so much Craig - that really means a lot! ^_^ I'm glad you're teaching your son to be inquisitive! I'm sure you're catching up now that you're not as shy :D

  5. The time without going through your blog. As always beautiful and very colorful work.

  6. Hahah Lesley, I'm the same way. I always was the one with my hand up. I felt like people were getting annoyed with me, but you always get so much more out of it when you participate.

  7. Thanks J!! Glad to see you back

    and Erin, Always! ^_^